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The SuperHuman Revolution Show

Who is your favorite Super Hero? Look in the mirror because it should be you! You have such innate and magical gifts such as psychic abilities and healing abilities. Perhaps you are an empath or a medium or have a natural command of the elements. Don't think you're psychic? Of course you are! You are just untrained and that can be fixed.

I created this show because I believe that we are Super Humans and that if we all get in touch with and master our custom gifts, the world be a much better place. Imagine a world where people could heal themselves. Where their intuitive gifts could help guide them to success. This show is to help all of the budding as well as the experienced SuperHumans out there and to bring us together in a space of empowerment and unity. Please get your magic on and join me in this revolution.

You can watch the broadcasts of the live show on YouTube here:

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