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1/20/2021 - Check out my latest interview with Mystic Mag!

Rhonda’s mission is to empower everyone by teaching them about their innate spiritual and self-healing gifts and their innate power to manifest their dreams.  

In this interview she shares insights in manifesting your dreams and how to live a fulfilling life.

What label or description do you give yourself when a stranger asks what you do for work?

I used to say that I am a psychic, healer and teacher. It is my mission to teach the world of their innate gifts of healing and intuition. I now say that I am a trainer of superhumans

When did you first recognize that you had this gift?

When I was a child. Like most children my intuition was extremely high. This is because our intuition is our first survival skill. A baby may not understand words, but it knows when mommy and daddy are upset by whatever their psychic gift is. A clairvoyant child might “see” that mommy doesn’t feel well, while an empath may “feel” that daddy is upset. As we get older, we are taught to rely on our mental faculties which can eclipse our natural abilities. But like many, mine were not eclipsed.

What are the main areas that you specialize in?

Empowerment readings and counseling for people who need clarification and direction regarding their true paths that will allow them to feed their wallets and feed their souls at the same time. Also, their paths to successful relationships, removing the blocks and the old programming that holds them back.

I also train empaths on how to understand and develop their gifts as well as how to protect themselves from outside energies. I teach them and all others how to spiritually cleanse their energy and the energy of their homes so that they can live in their own sacred space.

I also teach people how to accept that they are superhumans and how to develop their superhuman skills.

Do you have a personal favorite area you like to work with?

My personal favorite is teaching metaphysics, empowering people to use their gifts to manifest the lives that they want. My book, You Are Not Broken-How to Retrain Your Brain, Clean up Your Energy & Use Emotional Shapeshifting to Raise Your Vibration & Manifest Your Desires With Special Attention to Empaths & Sensitive People, gives advice and practices on how to create the life of your dreams.

As a Law of Attraction specialist what one piece of advice can you give to someone looking to manifest their dreams?

Before starting your manifestation practice, first figure out and release the blocks that have been holding you back. A good place to start is your childhood. If you are having difficulty with finances, did your parents have financial difficulties? Did you grow up feeling low self-worth? Or, if you are having problems finding a good relationship, what kind of relationship did your parents have? What we see growing up can truly affect how we ourselves act as adults. Of course there are many other reasons that our desires can become blocked but your childhood is a good place to start.

What is the most common issue that prevents people from living a fulfilling life?

Being more aware of their challenges than they are of their blessings. Most of the time, the number of our blessings is far greater than that of our problems, yet we tend to focus on the negatives in our lives. There are people who have good health, great jobs, good friends, a nice home and car but are devastated because they haven’t found a good partner. On the same token, there are people who have fabulous relationships, a roof over their heads and food in the fridge to feed their family but are upset because they don’t make as much money as they feel they should. It’s all about perspectives. Before asking for blessings, it's important to recognize how already blessed you are. That makes it easier to believe more blessings are coming and belief is everything.

What could people do to raise their vibration to get the most out of spiritual coaching and healing?

Learn to clear your energy. You would be amazed at how much old and detrimental energies cling to us as well as new adverse energies. These energies can keep us in a space of the miserable energies that surround us. I have a great video on YouTube to help you to do that:

These energies can also permeate their homes, so it's important to learn how to clean them as well. There is a chapter in my book that teaches how to do that effectively.

Interestingly you use henna art in healing and restoring peace. Could you tell us a little more about this?

Colors, shapes and symbols carry potent energies that can help you to manifest change in your life. With the henna, I draw the shapes and symbols that represent what my client is trying to achieve and color them the colors with the energies that will also help to support them in their goals.

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