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Henna Tattoos

At Azjua Metaphysical and Henna Artist Services, we believe that our beautiful planet Earth supplies us with naturally healing plants. The henna plant is well known for its wonderful healing properties. We only use USDA Certified Organic Henna and ingredients in our henna paste. The healing power of henna has been used to beautify and heal for thousands of years. In the bible it was called camphire. Paste made from the plant is not only used to make beautiful designs on the body but has also been used to help heal and soothe skin problems.

Henna and Healing:

The US National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health contains an article that suggests the use of henna on chemotherapy patients who develop hand/foot syndrome, a potential painful side effect of cancer treatment. You can read about it on their website here:

In the slide show section of this site you will find example pictures of Linda Olsen, a cancer survivor and advocate of healing through henna art. She is wearing a beautiful henna crown and a gorgeous design over her mastectomy badges of survivals (I refuse to call them scars). We also do henna crowns and body art for chemotherapy patients and survivors to help restore confidence in the beauty they already have and retained despite their war on cancer or any disease.

Henna and Beauty:

Henna has been used to beautify the skin and hair for thousands of years in regions across the globe. Brides are covered in beautiful designs of flowers and paisleys, depending upon their region. But you don't have to be getting married to sport a beautiful henna design. Let us design one for you or have a henna party and we will happily come beautify everyone there.

Henna and Intentions:

Metaphysically, henna symbolizes love which makes it a perfect aid for your intention practices. If you are a Law of Attraction practitioner, we can place words and symbols of what you are trying to create for yourself on your skin and hide it within a henna design. You will be the only one who knows what the design contains and by constantly looking at it you will help to send out your intentions to manifest your desires.

Henna and Corrective Palmistry:

The lines on your palm reflect certain potentials that you may not have been able to realize due to environmental or lifestyle factors. We use henna to restore those potentials in your palms to help you make the most of the blessings you were born with. Even if you were not born with strong palm lines, we use henna to help fix that too.

Please call us or email us for an appointment and to find out more about how henna can benefit you.

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