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Intention manifestation part three – How to clearly convey your intentions


This is part three of the New Year’s Intention Manifestation series and using metaphysics to improve your life. Now that we have worked on increasing your sense of worthiness, we will now take another step to increase the effectiveness of your intention manifestation practice.  


When doing Law of Attraction type work, it is important to clearly state your intentions while feeling worthy of receiving them. What is even more important is that the wording of them must reflect a crystal clear definition of what it is you that want.


It is not uncommon to hear people state that they want more abundance in their lives.When hearing that the Universe may ask abundance of what? Love? Money? Peace?Chocolate?  Perhaps you want a new job.What kind of job? At what salary and is that salary reasonable for the type of work you are looking for? If you just leave it at getting a “new job”, you maybe offered a career opportunity that is not in line with what you wanted. Now that you have broken down your career expectations, the next step is being honest about your qualifications to have such a position. Do you need extra training to qualify for the job? If yes, then part of your intentions should be to get whatever training you need to acquire the position. If training is added to the intention plate, how much will it cost and do you have the funds for it?After investigating how much such training will cost, if you determine that you do not have the funds for it then you need to also add the amount to your intention list.


You have now gone from a vague description of what you want to a finely defined list that is easy for the Universe to understand and help you achieve. The same rules apply to whatever it is you are trying to bring into your life.


What about getting rid of the things you don’t want in your life? That can be just slightly trickier because you don’t want to word your intentions in a negative way such as “I don’t want to be in bad relationships anymore” or “I don’t want to smoke anymore.” Remember that when stating your intentions, you must put your emotions behind it. Stating things that you don’t want may cause you to put negative emotions into the process. If you state you don’t want to be in bad relationships anymore, the pain you felt in those relationships may come through and that is the energy you are putting out into the Universe. Instead of saying what you don’t want, do the opposite and state what you do want. You want a great relationship with someone you can trust that will love you as much as you love them (add the finer details such as how they look, what they like to do, etc.). Instead of saying you want to quit smoking, change it to you want to be healthier and breathe better and feel the relief of feeling that way.This way your intention is clear and you inject a positive emotion behind it.  


Hopefully you are now well on your way to making your New Year’s intention manifestation list. Remember, keep your intentions clear, put positive emotions behind it and your dreams will manifest much more quickly. Today’s affirmation is I clearly communicate that which I desire. Say it ten times and mean it.


Peace and blessings as always, Goddess Reverend Rhonda




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