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Intention manifestation part four - Working with the Universe to achieve goals


This is part four of the New Year’s Intention Manifestation series and using metaphysics to improve your life. Now that we have a clearly defined list of intentions we will take another step to increase the effectiveness of your intention manifestation practice.


The next step towards helping you achieve your goals is the commitment to help the universe to help you. The Universe is more than willing to assist you in making your dreams a reality but you must also do your share of the work. Take your list of intentions and if possible, draw a line down the middle of the page.Use a separate piece of paper if necessary. Look at each item and then in the new column you have drawn or the separate page, write out what you intend to do to help ensure your success. Let’s say your intention is to quit smoking. Write out a plan to achieve this such as speaking to your doctor about options,researching nicotine patches, books or natural ways to quit. Draw up are reasonable plan that you know you can effectively work. Some quit smoking methods allow you to quit gradually so if you know you may have a hard time going cold turkey, one of these types of plans may be right for you.


If your goal is to lose weight, write out a plan that you will be able to stick with. Research different eating plans and choose the ones that will allow you to eat the type of foods that you like. Take a look at your schedule and come up with are reasonable exercise plan that will work with your free time. If your schedule is full, you may have to get up earlier or dedicate some of your lunch hour towards taking a walk. Now is the time to figure it out so that when you are ready to launch your intentions, your plan will already be written out and ready for you.


For those of you looking for love, you need a plan too. If you’ve been looking for awhile then your current plan is not working. Go over it and figure out what you can do differently. Write down your hobbies and interests and then look for social clubs or meet up groups that cater to them. A great place to start is


The New Year is just a few days away so get ready for a new start and a new life. Next week we will go over actually launching your intentions to the Universe for them to be fulfilled. Today’s mantra is I will help the Universe to help me reach my goals. Say it ten times and mean it.


Peace and Blessings as always, Goddess Reverend Rhonda


Hypnotherapists are also known as Subconscious Behaviorists and we can help you to fully retrain your subconscious to clear the way for your happiness and success.


Rhonda Harris-Choudhry is a Psychic Metaphysician, Henna Artist and Hypnotherapist in Albuquerque NM. She combines her gifts to help people heal, regain focus and get back on a positive path. She teaches classes on various types of metaphysics and uses henna art to also heal and manifest intents. As an intention Manifestation Specialist, Rhonda teaches people how to use their own innate powers to truly live up to their full potentials. Visit her website at






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