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Growing a magical intention garden

Spring is almost here and many people are already planning their gardens. Some will be growing fruits and vegetables while others may be focusing on having a garden full of colorful flowers. When planning your garden, consider creating an Intention Garden to help you manifest whatever it is you are trying to bring into your life. Seeds and plants can be empowered with your intentions and as they grow, they send out intention laden energy to help you achieve your goals. Best of all you can incorporate the flowers and even the fruits and vegetables that you were planning to use anyway so you won’t have to create any extra space in your already planned garden. You can also place crystals and gemstones in your garden to increase the power of your intentions.


Many common plants and flowers are already programmed with specific energies. All you have to do is customize those energies to fit your needs. To learn about intention manifestation techniques, go to


Here are some examples using common plants, flowers and even fruits and vegetables.

Tomatoes – Love, money, protection

Lettuce – Peace, protection, divination

Carrots – Fertility

Chrysanthemums – Protection

Honeysuckle – Promotes psychic awareness

Chili Peppers – Fidelity, breaks curses and hexes

Strawberries – Luck, love


Do you have fruit trees in your yard or planning to plant some? Trees also hold magical properties that can be used for your benefit.

Apple – Healing, love

Orange – Luck, prosperity, psychic abilities

Lemon – Love, long life, friendship

Peach – Fertility, long life, protection


Do you live in an apartment? No problem! You can grow a small herb garden that will work just as well.

Mint – Healing, protection, money

Basil – Prosperity, protection, love

Thyme – Sleep, healing, courage, health

Rosemary – Purification, healing, mental awareness


Having an intention garden doesn’t take a lot of work and the potential benefits it brings are well worth the effort of growing and maintaining one. There is an excellent book entitled Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham that lists many plants, trees, flowers and herbs as well as the energetic properties they contain. You can also visit:

Peace and Blessings as always, Goddess Reverend Rhonda

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