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Intention manifestation part 2 – Increasing your sense of worthiness


This is part two of the New Year’s intention manifestation series. In the last article we discussed the importance of retraining the subconscious to understand what is truly best for you as opposed to what it was previously trained to believe. Hopefully writing down your blessings before going to bed and looking at it as frequently as possible has helped you to achieve this. In this part of the series we will discuss the importance of increasing your sense of self worth and retraining your subconscious on another level.


When using intention manifestation or law of attraction practices, conveying the proper emotion when stating your intents is essential. However, if you are attempting to bring extra money or love etc.,into your life but deep down inside you don’t truly feel worthy of receiving it, then your practices could amount to nothing. Even if you tell yourself you are worthy of receiving abundance in whatever it is you wish, if your subconscious is telling you that you are unworthy, then that is the energy that you will probably send out.


So where does our sense of unworthiness come from? A giant clue could be in what it is you are trying to achieve. It starts first by determining what we want or at least think we want. In the movie the Silence of the Lambs, there is a classic question and answer quote summed up as,” …how do we begin to covet…we begin by coveting what we see every day….”


Every day we are inundated with messages designed to make us feel deficient in some way. The Encarta Dictionary defines the word deficient as:


1.      Lacking– lacking a particular quality, element, or ingredient, especially one that is expected or necessary


2.      Inadequate- inadequate or not good enough


You need only watch television for an hour to be told that you are not skinny enough, wealthy enough, your wardrobe is lacking, your eyelashes are too short, your hair is too thin, you have too many wrinkles and way too much gray hair. It’s not just the television telling you this. Radio commercials hammer the messages into you as do the bill boards you drive past and even the Internet. Go to your favorite site and chances are on the side of the web page, there are mini ads some with video suggesting that you’re too fat, under educated or it’s easy to look better with some weird old trick. Translation:You are not good enough the way you are. You may not respond to all of these things but there’s an excellent chance that internally, you are responding to at least some of society’s propaganda that happiness lies in being materialistic and shallow and that these things are what you should aspire to.


Now there is nothing wrong with wanting a nice car or to get into shape but if you are struggling with your weight or just trying to have enough money to put food on the table and gas in the car, being flooded with images of size zero models, actors and actresses, luxury cars, homes, etc., may make you feel unworthy of having what you want. After all, you’re a nice person, supportive of your friends and family and work hard yet you still struggle with getting what those things you desire. So what to do?


It’s time to change your perspective about your worthiness. Don’t allow your self worth to be defined by materialism and vanity. There was a time when just your name or who you were as a person meant something. You may not have had a lot of money but if you had a good name it was better than gold. You do so much for so many people including you and should pat yourself on the back for it. To help you to recognize your true self worth, take out another sheet of paper and before going to bed, write down the things that you did for yourself and for others, no matter how small or even if it is a part of your regular routine. Did you change a bunch of diapers today? Feed your family? Go to work even though you didn’t feel like it? Play with your children? Help them with homework? Are you in school or training? Did you make someone smile today? Did you make yourself smile today? Did you help someone out in even the tiniest way? These are all things that are reflective of being responsible, supportive and taking pride in doing good works for others and yourself. As you begin writing down all of the good things you have done for yourself and others every day, your sense of inner pride and worthiness will continue to develop. This way, when you do state your intentions, your feelings of self worth will be sincere and intact and bring you closer to manifesting your dreams. Today’s mantra is you are worthy of all you desire. Say it 10 times and mean it.


Hypnotherapists are also known as Subconscious Behaviorists and we can help you to fully retrain your subconscious to clear the way for your happiness and success.


Peace and Blessings as always, Goddess Reverend Rhonda


Rhonda Harris-Choudhry is a Psychic Metaphysician, Henna Artist and Hypnotherapist in Albuquerque NM. She combines her gifts to help people heal,regain focus and get back on a positive path. She teaches classes on various types of metaphysics and uses henna art to also heal and manifest intents. As an Intention Manifestation Specialist, Rhonda teaches people how to use their own innate powers to truly live up to their full potentials. Visit her website at




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