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Intention Manifestation – How your subconscious may be in the way of getting what you want

This is the first in a series of articles on using metaphysics as a tool to a better life. Many people are now engaging in law of attraction type practices as a way of manifesting money, love, a better job,etc. Much of these types of practices involve sending out a thought with the corresponding emotion to act as a lasso, roping in what you want and bringing it back to you. Unfortunately despite their best efforts, many of these practitioners are still struggling with getting the system to work and end up feeling evermore like a failure or like they don’t deserve to have the very best in life when their intention manifestation system seems to fail. Neither of these feelings can be further from the truth. You are not a failure and neither is your intention manifestation system. More than likely your subconscious is to blame for not allowing you to change your life for the better. Before beginning an intention manifestation program, it is important to first take steps to retrain the subconscious. Believe it or not, your subconscious rules approximately 88% of your actions. It has been in training since your childhood and does not like change. This is what makes it so difficult to quit smoking, lose weight or get rid of a poverty or not good enough mentality.


Your subconscious decides what is a normal state of being for you based on what was a normal state of being for you during your childhood. In an effort to keep you in a “normal” state, it tries very hard to replicate your past. Therefore if you grew up in an abusive home, your subconscious will lead you to abusive people to keep you in what it feels is a “normal”state of being. On the other hand, if you grew up in a loving family environment, it will seek to lead you to loving and nurturing people because that is what it deems is normal for you. When doing intention manifestation work, if you are trying to make more money to pay your bills but you grew up in a financially challenged home then your subconscious will work against you because having money is not what it feels is your “normal” state of being.  The subconscious does not understand right from wrong or what is actually best for you. It only understands what it has been trained to believe is normal and will work hard to keep you at the same level that you have always been. You might have found that even in times when you had extra money, something happened that took it away from you, be it an emergency repair or a relative that needed help. You can thank your subconscious for sending out the signal that took your excess funds away.


So how do we retrain our subconscious to work for us and not against us? There is a phrase that I am sure you have heard many times that really does work.  It is count your blessings. Each night before going to bed, make a list of everything that you are thankful for. This will invoke emotions of happiness based on actual events that your subconscious can relate to. Carry this list around with you the next day and glance at it as frequently as possible. The more you read it, the happier you will feel. The longer you stay happy, the more the subconscious will associate happiness with being your “normal” state and it will then start working to make sure you stay that way.


Hypnotherapists are also known as Subconscious Behaviorists and we can help you to fully retrain your subconscious to clear the way for your happiness and success. At Azjua Metaphysical and Henna Artist Services, we are here to help you manifest your dreams. Call us or email us for more information and get ready to get your life on a positive path. Peace and blessings as always, Goddess Reverend Rhonda


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